Welcome To Dore1

Hello and welcome to Dore1 this is my own personal website where I will upload videos, pictures and blog about whats happening in my life I hope you like what I Blog about and if so please come back again.


Hi My name is Barry Dore, Look above yes that is me holding a glass of red wine, right a little bit about me okay where to start I like photography I would not call myself a photographer per se but I'm think I'm good enough to take a decent picture, I will upload a photography section so that you professionals out there can tell me what you think but be nice. I like to travel I will go any where that interests me, I do like the sun but won't lay on a beach and drink all day long I like to mingle with the culture and try new things, you will gain a great deal of experience by doing this and will give you memories for a lifetime. I like movies I watch a lot of late 70s all 80s and early 90s movies I think a lot of what hits the theatres these days is a load of rubbish not all but most and what is it with the reboots for all producers out there get and idea and use it. I love to listen to music I don't have one type of music that I listen to I will listen to any music that makes me happy and want to get up and dance not that I can dance though I am very bad but who cares as long a I am Happy thats all that matters and if someone laughs at me then all the better for making someone else happy. I like to build websites I have had many over the years but hopefully this one will stay well see. I have a three and half month old Daughter who is just a little cutie but any parent would say that about there own child here is a picture of Lea.


My Baby Lea

Lea is a very good baby when it comes to being quiet she does not cry a lot like some babies don't get me wrong Lea does have her days but 90% of the time she is a quiet happy and giggly baby Lea is always smiling, already she has picked up pepper pig on the Television and she loves it also spongebob square pants. Being a father is all new to me and so far I am finding it be a rewarding experience, well thats about it I don't want to put to much on the home page otherwise you won't look at the other pages and we don't want that do we.

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